Monday, January 26, 2015

Cytus 7.0 Android Music Rip



  1. Any luck in ripping the artwork? (I dunno how easy/hard that might be, but I think Cytus is a Unity game? /lawl coding noob here I'm most certainly wrong/ I don't mind piecing back together the image long as its something I recognize, like a PSD or some sort...)

    Please orz I wanna remake the Cytus charts in osu! and I need the artwork to make it look realistic!

  2. I didn't try :) It'd probably be fairly difficult mainly because of texture compression. It is a Unity game though and other tools do exist. I haven't tried any of them. My tool now and forever will only support ripping the music and note charts. Sorry. :)

  3. Mega is telling me that the file is missing from the link!

    Any way to re-upload it?

    PS: Thanks for the Deemo rips!

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