Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Deemo - Unlock Songs HOWTO

This came up on YouTube, thought I'd share. I found this because I just don't play enough to unlock everything but I wanted to try all the songs. It works like this:

  1. Edit /data/data/com.rayark.pluto/shared_prefs/com.rayark.pluto.xml 
  2. Change the line that looks like float name="TreeHeight" value="0" to float name="TreeHeight" value="50"
  3. Play for a while, every time you clear a song, a new one will unlock. The newer songs in Deemo 2.0 are on scrolls in some of the rooms, you have to go find them.
  4. After you've got all the songs you can edit another line in the xml. float name="Ladder" value="0" to float name="Ladder" value="1.0"
  5. Now you can go play the end in the Ladder room and unlock the last songs this way.

Check out these screenshots for a little detail.