Sunday, August 14, 2011

Virtual On: MARZ WIP 4

So I decided I don't like using Noesis for Ninja format stuff so I'm writing my own loader from SANiK's notes. This way I can add support for Ninja Texture Lists(NJTL) and properly support GBIX IDs and PVPL palette swapping. Noesis also seems to ignore the translation data and you end up with a hot mess if you import a group of models. It also seems to have iffy UV coordinates.

SANiK's Notes

Virtual On: MARZ WIP 3

This seems fairly correct...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Virtual On: MARZ [PS2]

VO:MARZ and a number of other games use the ROFS archive format developed by CRI Middleware. A lot of these archives have unencrypted data but an encrypted TOC so they are kind of useless as they are. I had a bright idea and ran the game in emulation, made a save state and loaded the EE RAM in a hex editor to find the unencrypted TOC. I found it, patched it in to the ROFS file and ripped everything out of it. How's that for resourceful :D

They really went all out with the CRI stuff too; not surprising for a Sega game. It uses ADX for sound and music, NINJA format model and texture containers. NINJA models and PVR textures. This might be a lot of fun to finish ripping apart :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Snatcher CD-ROMantic

Found the menu text on the disc as uncompressed Shift-JIS