Friday, June 11, 2010

Change the mechanics of Wipeout Fusion

In my looking at Wipeout Fusion I found a TXT file that contains variables for the mechanics of the ships and weapons in the game. I wrote up a little injector for the ISO to patch this file. Here are the results of changing the default Feisar ship:



    I have wanted to modify this game for ages. I have seen the list of variables for the ships physics, there are quite a few of them. Do you think you can change any of them? If so I am very interested in making a much better, and faster game, a more balanced as well. I have a modified ps2 that can play copied games, so I would be able to do testing for you. I am really psyched that someone has done this, and if you email me maybe we could make an better game. Also there is a wipeout site called, if you like this series, there are discussion boards, records tables, and other stuff. Send me an email if you want so we could discuss some of the variables in the game. Did you know that ride height was a variable? The ship would appear higher off the track like older games, and just perhaps, might take off the track more.

  2. Realistically you'd want to test in emulation, or if you can hdd install with your ps2 it wouldn't be so bad. There are a LOT of variables and tweaking them then and burning a disc every time would be expensive and time consuming. That said, I didn't really play with it very much. Just thought it was interesting and decided to share.

    I can share my ripping and injecting tools if you'd like them. The ripper rips the whole game(FILESYS.WAD/WAC) and the injector just takes an input file(the variable TXT file) an output file(an ISO of the game) and a decimal offset into the output file(this may vary depending on your ISO). The most important thing is that you CANNOT change the size of the injected file. I never wrote a full filesystem rebuilder. This just overwrites the existing data in the WAD file. It's nothing fancy.

    Also of some note is the soundtrack is in there in 48khz stereo uncompressed WAV format.

  3. Also, for reference.