Sunday, July 25, 2010

JSRF Container

Added MULT support. Now supporting all known MULT and NORM archives(.dat/.bin). Pushed code.


  1. Do you know what the files with MDLB as the header are?

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  3. I have been researching a bit on the JSRF files a few months ago, didn't get too far(extracted some random vertex data and visualized it on a 3D package, but just vertex) but I believe MDLB contain model bones data, or pretty much the rig of characters, since i have been modifying some values and what it did is screw the bone size once tested ingame (xbox).

    Also inside a "MDLB" I believe there's chunks starting by "HB" (ascii view) right after these "HB" that's where i found the vertex model data.


    Here's someting I got months ago, I totaly gave up since then, programming not really my thing.

    That's just vertex data extracted, I didn't bother with vertex and face order, normals, its probably some standard 3D format in the MDLB for the model part (HB), I'll try to find out if its a standard like .x (DirectX) format, no idea if some parts are compressed, don't think so.

  5. That pic to me looks more like it would be a vector file if its just that 2D image.
    I personally was looking for the image files of the character logos though all I found where texture files. I couldn't tell you what the format was, it wasn't any I recognised. However it doesn't seem to use any advanced compression.

    This was as close as I got before giving up on it.

  6. Well that looks like you're not reading it properly though I see some shapes, the bitmap might have LODs (levels of detail) like DDS format, so you might have to try reading only the first chunk highest LOD if it has lod...

    My stuff is probably vector shapes, I didn't look into character models yet, as for the textures I could only open some graffiti stuff the rest is indeed in an unknown format.
    Since the first Jet set was on Dreamcast I would look into dreamcast bitmap tools maybe? otherwise it might just be something proprietary to Smilebi who made the game.

    I'll look into textures see if i can get something =)

    Here's my aim if you wanna chat about it: kimik3d