Friday, August 12, 2011

Virtual On: MARZ WIP 2

Got textures figured out. PS2 swizzled with a PVR header on them with an external CLUT file.


  1. Hey, not sure if you have checked wipeoutzone, but my nephew and I need your help regarding wipeout fusion. I sent a pm, Thanks.

  2. I sent you an email last night

  3. I did not get it, I wrote it on woz for you. That program is great, it is up and running at my house now, on a modded ps2. Had it playable at 5000, but it needs more adjustments, maybe with the gravity flying. Nice site here btw

  4. Ah sorry. Glad you got it working though.

  5. Hello.
    I have a question concerning texture file.
    How to extract texture file from eeMemory.bin?
    search to PVRT -> save to *.pvr -> importing Noesis-exported tga files.
    Nothing happens.
    error message
    Detected file type: Ninja-style PVR Image
    ERROR: Palettized 4-bit images not currently supported for PVR.
    PVR texture not in supported format.
    Cleaned 8.06MB (in 2 pools).
    Do you know for this?
    Here are some samples.

  6. I had to write my own tool to parse PS2 format PVR files. IIRC Noesis only supports Dreamcast format PVR files.

    1. Sounding a bit crude, would you give me your tool, please?

    This works from the command line, it converts PS2 PVR files to TGA files.

  8. It requires a PVR and a CLUT. It's been months, I dont remember how to tell what the CLUT files are. Some of the PVR are 8-bit and others are 4-bit, you have to sort out which is which and what CLUT files they go with on your own.