Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wipeout 2097

Been a while huh? Doing some work on Wipeout 2097 PC version. Working on the track loader now. Making some good progress. Will update again someday :)


  1. Hey, now that's something new! That game has some epic game-play too.
    P.S. I'm jealous of your epic skills. :P

  2. You can have epic skills too. :P

  3. Hey, JABBERJAW here, if you could reply on wipeoutzone that would be cool

    1) I am going to work on fusion soon again. I got some good stuff going and figured out a bunch of those stats
    A). Would you have any idea of how to make the walls slow you down more? It's not in the ship stats.

    2). What are you doing with PC 2097?

    3) most important: wipeout XL ps1 version. In one on one link mode, the person in front has his sped reduced ( crap). The game runs smooth, but is unplayable due to that. However, in ARCADE LINK, there is no slowdown for the leader, but there are 12 or 15 total ships ( depending on speed class) on both screen causing tons of slowdown, which is also awful.

  4. My question is this.

    1) do you have the know how to either
    A) turn off CPU assist in 1 on 1 link?
    B) turn off ALL CPU ships in arcade link so it is just the two players ( this would seem easier to me)

    Then burn to a disk to be playable on a modded ps1

  5. I'm willing to pay for this as well