Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MemoryCard Captor Sakura (DPadPro ver.)

One side effect of fixing my 5501 was that I now had a non-working 9001. This presented the opportunity to use the parts for something else. This adapter makes it possible to use original PlayStation controllers and memory cards(like a DexDrive) on a PC through the parallel port. Follow the schematic here. Use the DirectPadPro layout.

The hardware:
  • Store bought PCI card with two serial ports and a parallel port. If your computer has a parallel port already you won't need this.
  • Dead PlayStation
    • PSU. Supplies 7.6 and 3.6 volts.
    • Controller ports
    • Controller. Any type should work. Mine are DualShock
    • Memory card. Any type should work. The one I have now is Interact, in the past I have used official Sony cards as well.
  • A bunch of wire
  • DB25 male plug
  • DB25 straight through cable
The software:
  • PortTalk. Required to talk to the parallel port in Windows XP.
  • MemoryCard Captor Sakura. I recommend the version here.
  • Win95/98: DirectPadPro
  • WinXP: PPJoy
The PSU pinout is:

1 7.6V 
3 3.6V
5 MOUT (reset signal)

MemoryCard Captor Sakura showing the contents of my memory card.

Early wiring. The lights are on :)

Done, tested and working.

Put it all back in the PlayStation case.



  1. Hello, i was wondering if you can help me, i made this schematic and im using win xp sp3 and when i try to read the memory card (i press slot 1) i get an error. Dont know why. How did you did it. What configuration i have to use. Just want to make a backup of my mc its to old.
    Ps. Just when i use win95 compatibility dont get the error but it doesnt read the mc.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello, have you tried windows 98 instead?
    What power supply are you using?