Thursday, October 15, 2009

Metal Gear Solid KMD

I documented the KMD format to the best of my knowledge on the Xentax wiki.


  1. Hi

    I'd like to ask about this post ... was your documentation deleted from xentax wiki? I tried to find it there but I couldn't find anything.

    I'm trying to describe KMD models myself. I'd like to have possibility to import/export them to other formats. While I was working on them I found this your blog and also your post about the format - /2009/10/just-for-fun-some-notes-i-made-on-mgs.html - thanks for it, it made my work a little faster :)

    By the way let me introduce, name is mirex, I'm interested in reverse engineering. I have a tool for converting images and various 3D game formats called Biturn, you can find it at . I haven't worked on games for a few years, but now I got a request to add support for MTG files on the forums . So I'm working on it :)

    Best wishes, mirex ( mirex .at. gmail ) I'll be happy if you contact me.

  2. Eh sorry about my mistake, mail is mirexxx .at. gmail, with three x-es.

    best wishes.

  3. i´m sorry if i'm posting too late, but this is the only place on the blog talking about mgs.

    i saw the mgsview tool on github and i'm interested also in model extraction, but theres no compiled version there.

    is it possible to post a compiled version to use?, some guy compiled it and used it to upload a couple models in the spriters resource, and nothing else.

    thanks in advance...